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Stay Home and Weave Kit & Loom Package

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Interested in learning how to weave tapestry? This kit, based on our 30th weave-along, is designed to teach you the basics of tapestry weaving.

This package comes with:
-A Saffron Pocket Loom 
-One bamboo needle 
-10 cards of Colonial Yarn (Yarn colors pictured: the "Some of Our Favorite Colors" Colonial Yarn Sampler Set)
-Brown Sheep wool warp 

Downloadable instructions will be sent at time of shipment.

The kit comes with the yarn colors pictured. You will make a tapestry similar to the one shown (the colors are different and the exact pattern is up to you).

More information about the tutorial:

The tutorial will teach students how to use specific tapestry techniques to weave a tapestry similar to (but not exactly the same as) the one pictured. We will focus on weaving on the Saffron Pocket Loom, but you can use any loom for this project.

Students will learn:
-How to set-up and warp a Saffron Pocket Loom
-The following tapestry techniques: pick and pick, slit tapestry, weaving in opposite directions, and Soumack knotting. 
-How to weave from the bottom up and top down to achieve an easy-to-finish piece
-How to finish the tapestry