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Shed Extenders

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These shed extenders increase the shed on your Mirrix loom to 1.5". They will work with any loom with a shedding device size 8" or larger and are perfect for those of you using your Mirrix loom for rug weaving or if you just want a larger shed!

Each package comes with:
-New extended shed pins for your shedding device (the number will depend on the loom size)
-A set of two handmade extended wooden clips
-A loom handle extender (*See note below if you have an older loom)
-Installation instructions (these can also be found here)

Choose your loom size in the drop-down menu

More information: 

  • Click here to visit our shed extender FAQ page. 

  • If you are purchasing these for a Mirrix loom with SILVER shed pins on the shedding device, please put a note in your order at checkout or email as we will need to include with your order a different Allen wrench than the one that came with your loom.

  • If you have a much older loom that has a shedding device handle with a rubber end cap instead of a cap nut, you will need to purchase a new shedding device handle.
  • You can order longer heddles for the extended shed here. Alternatively, you can make your own heddles. This is how: 

    Cut twenty-inch lengths of your heddle material (we suggest 12/6 seine twine, one for each heddle you will make. Loop a length of your heddle material around a piece of cardboard 6 3/4 “long. Secure the ends by making a loop with both ends and pulling the ends through that loop.

    In order to get the knot to sit right next to the of edge of the cardboard, slip a needle into the knot before it is pulled tight and push the knot toward the edge of the cardboard to tighten it. Trim off the ends of the heddles to within a quarter of an inch of the knot. 

    This video shows you how to make heddles. Make sure to make yours the size described above. 

  • If you will be using a Spencer Power Treadle on a loom with shed extenders, we recommend purchasing this Treadle + Shed Extender Block.