Shed Extender FAQ

How much do shed extenders extend the shed of a Mirrix loom? 
Shed extenders can increase the shed of a Mirrix to 1.5”.

Why would I want to use shed extenders? Isn’t the shed big enough as is? 
The extended shed is for people who weave rugs, like to use bobbins or simply want a larger shed to more easily get fingers/hands between the raised and not raised warp threads. 

I have an older Mirrix loom with plastic clips. Can I still use shed extenders? 
Yes, the extenders come with new, extended wooden clips that you can add to your loom.

I don’t own a Mirrix loom yet. Are looms with extended sheds available? 
Right now you can purchase a 16” or 28” Loom with shed extenders already on it as part of our Balfour & Co. rug weaving collaboration. We will be selling additional looms with shed extenders in the new future.

I have a loom without a shedding device, how can I add on a shedding device with an extended shed? Purchase the extenders and a shedding device without clips. We will eventually have a shedding device package available with loom extenders. 

Can you use shed extenders with the Mirrix treadle? We have not yet finished testing for this. We will update this FAQ when we have a definitive answer, but we think the answer is yes. 

Can you use shed extenders with Shasta Combs? You may be able to, but we do not recommend doing this because of a risk of the warp threads breaking or coming off of the combs.

I have multiple looms, can I use the same set of extenders on each loom? You can switch loom extenders from loom to loom with a bit of work (unscrewing shed pins, removing clips, etc.) but if you plan to do this, make sure you purchase extenders for your largest loom so you have enough shed pins.