Spencer Power Treadle

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This treadle is the first (that we know of) electric treadle for a portable tapestry loom. You can easily change the shed (for tapestry weaving primarily) by pressing down on a pedal that will electronically change the shed without having to use your hands. Easy, fast and perfect for tapestry weaving!

Notes: The treadle is designed to be used with the newer wooden clips.  If you do not have these clips on your loom please choose the option that includes wooden clips.  We are charging our cost for these clips (half the normal price we charge). If you have purchased the treadle and have plastic clips and have not discussed this with us, please write to claudia@mirrixlooms.com.  

You can download instructions, troubleshooting information and safety warnings for the power treadle here

If you plan to use the treadle on more than one loom it is best to buy an extra bushing for each additional loom. The bushing is a plastic piece that fits on the end of the shedding device tube to hold the treadle motor. 

If you are outside of North America and think your line voltage might be more than 132 volts, please purchase the treadle with the larger power supply from the drop-down menu. This power supply can accommodate up to 240 volts. If you are unsure, this website lists voltage in different countries. Note: This power supply will look slightly different than the one pictured.