Shasta Combs Vs. No Warp Ends Kit

Since our Shasta Combs debuted earlier this year we've had a lot of questions about the differences between the Shasta Combs and our No No Warp-Ends Kit. In this post we will attempt to break down the differences.

Tapestry Weaving and Bead Weaving

The Shasta Combs were originally developed with tapestry weaving in mind, although combined with a Bottom Spring Kit, they can be used for bead weaving as well. The No Warp-Ends Kit, on the other hand, was developed with bead weaving in mind. It can also be used for small tapestries, but it can be difficult to keep your sett even using this kit.

Takeaway: In most cases I would recommend the Shasta Combs for tapestry and the No Warp-Ends Kit for bead weaving. 

Weaving With No Warp Ends to Finish

Both the Shasta Combs and No Warp-Ends Kit can produce pieces without warp ends to finish. There are, however, limits to each accessory. The Shasta Combs can be used for no warp-ends weaving, but this method is limited by the various heights of which you can adjust your loom. You also cannot use the shedding device with this method.

Because of the comb configuration for this warping method, you cannot use the Bottom Spring Kit, so most bead sizes won't work with this method. 

The No Warp-Ends Kit works well for relatively thin pieces with beads and, to some extent, tapestry (as I mentioned above, it can be hard to keep your sett even.) The No Warp-Ends Kit was originally designed as a way to make fast, easy small beaded pieces, like bracelets, without having to finish the ends. We do not recommend this kit for very wide pieces and, while you can put on a smaller kit on a larger loom, it is only available for the 16" Loom and smaller.  

Takeaway: Choose the No Warp-Ends Kit for bead weaving when you do not want to finish the ends. Choose the Shasta Combs for tapestry weaving with no warp ends to finish. Be aware of the limitations of both accessories. 

Quick Warping

If you're looking for a quick and easy warping method, the Shasta Combs are perfect for both bead and tapestry weaving. Note that you will want a  Bottom Spring Kit when using the Shasta Combs for bead weaving. 

 Takeaway: For fast and simple warping for bead or tapestry weaving, choose the Shasta Combs.

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