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Treadle + Shed Extender Block

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This block screws to a Spencer Power Treadle and is recommended when you are using any looms with an extended shed (any loom with Shed Extenders, including the 48" Lily Loom) with the Spencer Power Treadle.

How to use this block:

Using the Spencer Power Treadle with extended clips requires that the U-bolt be placed on the motor in a position forward of the vertical copper tube of the loom. Do not follow the adjustment instructions for the regular clip looms. Position the U-bolt so its legs area little  forward of the copper tube. Be sure that the legs are parallel to the shedding device bar. Tighten the nuts on the U-bolt and then install additional parts on the upper leg of the U-bolt. First is one flat washer, then the wooden block with the hole in it, another flat washer and finally a hex nut. Before you tighten the nut, be sure that the wooden block rests squarely on the extended clip. The block is asymmetrical. The side with the largest distance to the center hole should be on the bottom. If for some reason it does not fit this way put the opposite side down. The goal is to minimize banging when in operation but to not cause binding.