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The Prism Tapestry Kit Second Edition

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This kit was designed for the Prism Tapestry Weave-Along Second Edition. The weave-along has ended, but when you order a kit we will email you a link to the weave-along content. Click here to learn more about the weave-along. 

In February we hosted our most popular weave-along ever, The Prism Tapestry Weave-Along (Weave-Along 32.) This small piece was comprised of gorgeous colorful yarn and silk woven on a white background. We're bringing back this weave-along for those of you who missed it (and for those who want to weave another) with the option to make the project in one of three sizes (8” x 9.25”, 4.5” x 6” or 2.5" x 3") and with either a black or white wool and silk background.  

This kit can either make one large (8” x 9.25”) tapestry, two small (4.5” x 6”) tapestries or three tiny tapestries (2.5" x 3".) You will have plenty of materials to spare. 

Kit includes:

  • One 210 yard tube white or black array wool
  • Seventeen bobbins of 12 yards colored array wool
  • Six bobbins of colored silk
  • Two 50 yard bobbins of black or white silk
  • Two 100 yard bobbins of seine twine: 
  • One bamboo needle
  • One stainless steel needle
  • Downloadable instructions, sent at the time of shipment.

What else you need to begin: 
-A Mirrix Loom:

For 3 tiny tapestries: A Saffron Pocket Loom, A Chloe Pocket Loom, 8”, 12”, 12" Tall, 16”
For 2 small tapestries: A Saffron Pocket Loom, A Chloe Pocket Loom, 8”, 12”, 12" Tall, 16”, 16" Tall, 22"
For 1 large tapestry: A 12”, 12" Tall, 16”, 16" Tall, 22”, 28”, 32”, 38”.  

-Heddles can be purchased separately if you plan to use the shedding device on a loom that has one (optional for this project). We will be demonstrating weaving on a loom without the shedding device on it.