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The Prism Tapestry Weave-Along Second Edition

In February we hosted our most popular weave-along ever, The Prism Tapestry Weave-Along (Weave-Along 32.) This small piece was comprised of gorgeous colorful yarn and silk woven on a white background. We're bringing back this weave-along for those of you who missed it (and for those who want to weave another) with the option to make the project in one of three sizes (8” x 9.25”, 4.5” x 6” or 2.5" x 3") and with either a black or white wool and silk background. 

The Prism Tapestry Kit Second Edition is now available for purchase. You will get a link to sign up for the weave-along in the kit. 

prism tapestries


What is a weave-along?
A weave-along is an online course focusing on a specific project. Every Sunday for the length of the weave-along participants will get an email with links to instructions for the week ahead that might include downloadable .PDFs, online written content and/or videos. This is not a live event, but does take place over a specific time frame so participants are all working on the same part of the project at generally the same time. Weave-along participants are encouraged to ask questions and engage with other members of the weave-along via email and social media sites including the Mirrix Facebook Page, Mirrix Facebook Group and Mirrix Ravelry Page

What skills will you learn in this weave-along?
-How to warp a Mirrix loom 
-The following tapestry techniques:
     -Weaving in opposite directions (meet and separate)
     -Weft blending
     -Dotting (used only on the version with the white background) 
-Finishing a tapestry wall-hanging

What do you need to begin: 
-A Mirrix Loom:

For three tiny tapestries: A Saffron Pocket Loom, 8”, 12”, 12" Tall or 16”

For two small tapestries: A Saffron Pocket Loom, 8”, 12”, 12" Tall, 16”, 16" Tall or 22” loom.

For one large tapestry: A 12”, 12" Tall, 16”, 16" Tall, 22”, 28”, 32” or 38”.  

-A Prism Tapestry Second Edition Kit
-A good pair of scissors and a measuring tape 
-A sewing needle and thread for finishing

-Heddles can be purchased separately if you plan to use the shedding device on a loom that has one (optional for this project). We will be demonstrating weaving on a loom without the shedding device on it. 

When does the weave-along take place?
June 20th -  July 17th 2022

Week of June 20th: Warping
Week of June 27th: Weaving Part One
Week of July 4th: Weaving Part Two
Week of July 11th: Finishing 

What if you (or the person you are gifting this kit or loom package to) cannot take part in June and July?
We will keep all of our weave-along resources live indefinitely so if you are busy during the weave-along you can always catch up later. We will also make the project available for free download after the weave-along takes place.

What if you participated in the first Prism Tapestry Weave-Along and don't want to purchase another kit? 

A kit is required to participate in the weave-along unless you participated in the first Prism Tapestry Weave-Along.

If that is the case, please email us using the email address that you signed up for the original weave-along with and we will send you a link to sign-up for the current weave-along. You can purchase extra supplies separately including: 

-50 yard bobbins of white silk 
-50 yard bobbins of black silk

-The Prism Tapestry Kit Yarn Refill Kit (this is the colored wool) 

-Hand-Painted Silk 

-210 Yard Tube of Array Wool in black or natural 

-Bockens Seine Twine Warp 100 Yard Bobbin

You can find a list of the contents of the Prism Tapestry Second Edition Kit here to see what extra supplies you might need if you aren't going to purchase another kit. 

How do you get started?
The Prism Tapestry Second Edition Kit can be purchased here. 

You will receive a link to sign up for the weave-along inside of the weave-along kit. 

The kit is required to participate in the weave-along unless you already took part in the original Prism Tapestry Weave-Along (Weave-Along 32.)