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The Lily Doll Tutu and Shrug Kit

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From the brilliant mind of Noreen Crone-Findlay, we are thrilled to bring you the Lily Doll Project. This adorable doll can be woven on a Mirrix Chloe Pocket Loom with our kit and detailed instructions.

But that’s not all. Throughout the year, we’ll continue to launch kits and instructions for you to make beautiful woven clothing and accessories for your doll. From party dresses to tiny teddy bears, your woven miniature collection will continue to grow, all with support from the fabulous designer, Noreen, and all of us at Mirrix Looms.

Whether you’re a seasoned weaver or have never picked up a loom, The Lily Doll Projects are perfect for anyone looking to make something fun and whimsical on a small loom.

This project makes the perfect gift whether for a weaver, crafter or anyone who cannot resist a handmade doll. Gift the entire loom starter package or use the kit to make a Lily doll for someone you love. 

Learn more about the Lily Doll Projects here

This kit includes materials and instructions to make a Lily Doll Tutu and Shrug for your woven Lily Doll. (Doll not included.) 

This kit includes: 
-3 pink bobbins of Glimakra yarn
-1 bobbin of hand-painted silk
-A 7-page full-color digital .PDF detailing how to make the Lily Doll Tutu and Shrug. Downloadable instructions will be sent at the time of shipment.

What do I need with this kit? 
-A Chloe Pocket Loom (5" or 8") with 12 dent combs
-A Lily Doll Tutu and Shrug Kit or equivalent supplies
-A short pocket loom rod (optional, but recommended)
-A blunt metal darning or tapestry needle
-Plastic craft needle
-Tape measure or small ruler

Level: Beginner and up

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