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The Bonifacio Bracelet

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This bracelet project was part of SoftFlex Company's Customer Appreciation Week. You can watch the replay of the live demonstration of this project here. Downloadable instructions will be sent after shipment.

This summer transport yourself to the island of Corsica where the sea and sand are as inviting as the apéritif you savor in a shady restaurant by the harbor in Bonifacio. 

This bracelet, made with SoftFlex wire, C-Lon Thread and stunning stones in two colorways, “ Sea" and “ Sand", is perfect for one’s first foray into bead weaving on a loom or for anyone looking for a quick, polished, and beautiful bracelet project. The combination of wire and stones (Peach Moonstone and Porcelain Jasper or Apatite and Fluorite) give the bracelet a certain elegance that makes it a perfect piece to wear from bistro to beach. 

the bonifacio braceletColorways:

Sea: Apatite and Fluorite (aqua blue/purple)
Sand: Peach Moonstone and Porcelain Jasper (peach/mauve)

This Kit Includes:
-One bobbin of grey C-Lon size D thread
-2 SoftFlex silver-filled crimp beads, 2 SoftFlex sterling silver crimp bead covers
-One 10 yard spool of SoftTouch wire in very fine by SoftFlex
-One silver toggle clasp
-Approximately 110 4 mm round stones [Apatite and Fluorite (aqua blue/purple) or Peach Moonstone and Porcelain Jasper (peach/mauve)]

What else you need to make this bracelet:
-A beading needle
-A bead mat or piece of cloth to hold your beads
-A Mirrix Loom 5”, 8” or 12”
-Crimping pliers (regular pliers will also work)