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Mix-and-Match Tapestry Loom Starter Package

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Choose among three loom sizes, three loom accessories and three kits to make your perfect loom package.

Packages also come with a roll of 100 heddles

Loom Choices
12" Little Guy Loom with shedding device
16" Big Sister Loom with shedding device
22" Zach Loom with shedding device 

Loom Accessory Choices
Bottom Spring Kit with four warp coils (8, 12, 14, 18 DPI) 
Loom Extenders with feet extenders (Extenders for 12" and 16" Looms add 24″ of weaving length, extenders for 22" Loom adds 13" of weaving length.) 
Shasta Combs

Kit Choices 
The Prism Tapestry Kit (Second Edition) -Please put in notes White or Black  Downloadable instructions will be sent after shipment.
The Tiny Tapestry Kit (this kit works great with Shasta Combs) 
The Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelet Kit + a Ten Dent Warp Coil (needed for this project) Downloadable instructions will be sent after shipment.

*Note: You'll also want some basic supplies to weave tapestry on a Mirrix Loom including a tapestry needle (The Prism Tapestry Kit comes with two already), a good pair of scissors and a measuring tape.  For the Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelet Kit you'll also want a beading needle and a bead mat or piece of cloth to hold your beads.