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Tiny Tapestry Kit

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Tiny tapestries have become a little bit of an obsession around here. They’re perfect for anyone wanting to experiment with colors, materials or design or for the more impatient-to-finish among us. Plus, the final products are adorable and perfect for gifting. This kit has supplies to make two different tiny (5" x 2.5”) wool tapestries in one of two gorgeous colorways. One tapestry will be an abstract piece using a technique called soumak and the other will be a geometric chevron design. The ebook (linked above) will guide you through set-up, warping, weaving and finishing both tapestries.

Included in the kit:
-12 8-yard bobbins of 3-Ply Persian wool yarn in one of two colorways (Brights or Pastels) or both colorways.
-60 meters of hemp warp 
-Downloadable instructions will be sent at the time of shipment.

One colorway makes two tiny tapestries (with LOTS of extra wool to play with) and two makes at least four.

Also recommended for this project:
-A tapestry needle. We love these bamboo needles!
-Shasta Combs

What else do you need to weave this project?
-A Mirrix Loom with an 8 dent coil or Shasta Combs, a Saffron Pocket Loom or a Chloe Loom with an 8 dent comb
-A tapestry needle
-A good pair of scissors
-A measuring tape

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