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What's a Mirrix?

Mirrix Looms are bead and tapestry looms for everyone from the novice crafter to the professional artist. These looms are wonderful tools that can help create everything from beaded bracelets to woven wall-hangings. 

Whether you are a beginning weaver purchasing your first loom or a seasoned
artist ending the search for the perfect portable loom, you will be
thrilled with their precision and ease of use.

At Mirrix Looms we don’t just make looms, we weave on them too. We ensure that every piece of equipment we design and manufacture is engineered to accomplish its single task: to allow its user to easily create a professional-quality piece of artwork.

Mirrix Looms are primarily meant for bead weaving, tapestry weaving and bead and fiber combination, but can be used for anything from wire-weaving to rug-making.

The concept behind weaving on a Mirrix is simple, though techniques and possibilities abound. A Mirrix is a loom you can use and grow with regardless of your experience level.

Mirrix looms are manufactured in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin in the United States.

When you buy a Mirrix Loom you are purchasing more than a product, you are entering a community of like-minded artists and crafters all looking to share and grow.

Mirrix Looms was started in 1996 by tapestry weaver and busy mother Claudia Chase. She was looking for a loom that was both professional quality and portable enough to take with her to her kids' practices and activities. Not finding anything on the market that fit her needs, Claudia designed the very first Mirrix Loom.  

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What Makes a Mirrix Loom Different from Other Bead or Tapestry Looms?
1.) Versatility

From tapestry weaving to bead weaving to wire weaving and free-form fiber weaving, Mirrix Looms are incredibly versatile.

2.) Size Options
Mirrix Looms come in eight sizes, from the 5″ wide Mini Mirrix to the 38″ wide Zeus Loom, allowing you to choose a loom size that best fits your needs.

3.) Portability
Even the largest Mirrix can fit in a relatively small space and can be easily moved, and the smaller looms are perfect for taking on vacation, to workshops and really anywhere where you want to do some weaving!

4.) Quality
A Mirrix Loom is built to last a lifetime. Made out of high-quality materials, your Mirrix may need to be polished once in a while, but it most likely will never need to be replaced.

5.) Tension 
When it comes to bead or fiber weaving, providing good tension is the number one job of a loom. With its continuous warping system and the ability to increase or decrease your tension anytime, Mirrix Looms do this job incredibly well.

6.) Accessories
From the No Warp-Ends Kit that allows you to weave beads without having to deal with finishing all your warp threads to the amazing Spencer Power Treadle, we have accessories for all your weaving needs (even the ones you didn’t know you had).

7.) The Shedding Device
The Mirrix shedding device allows you to weave faster and easier with both beads and fiber. You can learn more about it here.

8.) The Mirrix Community
When you purchase a Mirrix, you join an amazing community of weavers. From online classes and webinars to weave-alongs and free projects, being a part of the Mirrix community will keep you inspired for years to come.

9.) Made in America
Mirrix looms are manufactured in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

10.) Customer Service
When you buy a Mirrix, we’ll be there for you long after you make your purchase. Need advice on a project? Want some inspiration? Not sure how something works? We’re always happy to help!

Where are Mirrix Products Made and Shipped from?
All Mirrix products are made in and shipped from the United States. Most Mirrix looms and accessories are made at our manufacturing facility in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, though some loom parts and accessories are handmade in California. Orders almost always ship from Wisconsin, although you may see an item ship from California or our headquarters in New Hampshire. 

Can a Beginner use a Mirrix Loom?
Any of our looms will work for a beginner. The difference between most of our looms is simply size. If you’re a beginner who wants to eventually make very large pieces, you may want to invest in a larger loom. If you’re an expert who only makes small pieces, a smaller loom will be best. That said, most beginners decide to start on the small side since those looms are less of an investment financially.

Mirrix looms offers you a professional quality foundation to grow your craft/art. Plus, they are incredibly versatile. This means you can decide you want to get into beads when you started with tapestry or tapestry if you started with fiber or that you want to weave with wire or begin making mixed-media pieces.

One of the great things about a Mirrix is that you can learn and grow with your loom. A Mirrix is as easy to use as the project you choose to make on it!

Our 8″ Lani Loom12″ Little Guy Loom and 16″ Big Sister Loom are the most popular looms for beginner bead and tapestry weavers.

Want to know which loom is best for your individual needs? Get a free loom recommendation from a Mirrix expert here