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The Mirrix Team

Claudia: President and CEO 

A tapestry weaver for over 35 years, Claudia started Mirrix Looms in the mid-90s as part of her own search for the perfect portable loom. A few years after Mirrix’s inception, Claudia took up bead weaving and realized that her looms worked brilliantly for weaving beads. It was not long after that when Mirrix Tapestry Looms became Mirrix Tapestry & Bead Looms. In recent years Claudia has been interested in small tapestries as well as combining the mediums of tapestry and bead weaving. She also finds joy in hand-painting the beautiful silk Mirrix sells. 

Elena: Vice-President and Marketing Manager 

Elena often jokes that she learned how to weave by osmosis. She remembers her living room growing up containing a couch, a chair, and two giant floor looms. While she never intended to join the family business, the pull to work with her wonderful mother was strong, and they have been teamed up running Mirrix for ten years now. Elena holds an MA in Digital Media Communication from the University of Washington and hopes to keep Mirrix at the forefront of technology, continuing to build an online community with instruction and support in order to bridge the gap between weaving and learning to make tapestry and bead weaving accessible to all. 

Sandy: Operations Manager

Sandy has 15+ years of manufacturing experience. 10 of those strictly in manufacturing Mirrix looms. She enjoys the camaraderie of working with disabled individuals. In her spare time she enjoys making hats and scarves and donating them to people in need.  

Holly: Floor Manager

Holly brings almost 30 years, (yes I am the oldest of the production team,) of manufacturing and production skills to Mirrix. She is excited to be a part of this journey, and looks forward to working hand and hand with her coworkers and clients with disabilities. "What fun we'll have!"


Everett: Floor Manager

Everett has a BS degree in Microbiology and was a Nuclear Medicine Technologist until he lost most of his vision in 2014. Although building looms is far from the realm of Nuclear Physics, he says he gets more satisfaction working for Mirrix than he has ever had with any other position he’s held. FUN FACTS: Everett has 8 children! He will be hiking the 2,180 mile Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in 2022! 


Sunny: Manager On The Floor

Nearly 5 years old, Everett’s Guide Dog, Sunny, is confident that she is the eyes (and brains) of the duo. She has saved him from getting run  over on two occasions thus far! FUN FACT: Wherever they go on the Appalachian Trail, Sunny will be in the lead position. But she’ll let her human think he’s in charge. 


And not to be forgotten:

Spencer: Supplier

Spencer has helped develop many of Mirrix’s new products in recent years from the Spencer Power Treadle to the Shasta Combs to the Saffron Loom and accessories! We purchase these items from Spencer directly, but you may sometimes see these items ship directly from his location in California! 



Saffron is a Standard Poodle who assists Spencer in all things Saffron Loom. She enjoys walking off-leash, napping in piles of wood chips and snuggling in front of the wood stove.



Sam is a Pekingese/Border Terrier cross who has been telling Elena what to do for over nine years. 

Cookie and Summer

Sandy's dogs: Cookie is a 67lb Lab/Pit who is allergic to almost anything that dogs love and Summer who has been a member of the family for nine years and hates the vet. 



Claudia's cat who enjoys sleeping in baskets and meowing loudly.