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The Meredith Necklace

This weave-along has ended, but you can download the project in ebook form here

You can find the kit for this project here

You can find the loom starter package for this project here

We are excited to launch the kit for our newest weave-along project, The Meredith Necklace, in partnership with Beadographer.

This 31-inch-long stunning necklace is made of Toho beads woven in a long strip that attaches at the end and is hung with two gold-plated charms. The kit comes with everything you need to make the necklace, a one-year subscription to Beadographer bead software (or an additional year if you already have one) and access to an instructional weave-along which will take place in March and guide you through warping, weaving and finishing this piece. The pattern for this project will be shared in Beadographer where you can edit it to change the colors, patterns or length for future projects. 

The weave-along will take place in March of 2022 so you have plenty of time to give or receive the kit or loom starter package as a gift over the holiday season.

While a kit (or loom starter package) is required to participate in the weave-along, we will have the project available in ebook form for anyone to download after the weave-along takes place.

What is a weave-along?
A weave-along is an online course focusing on a specific project. Every Sunday for the length of the weave-along participants will get an email with links to instructions for the week ahead that might include downloadable .PDFs, online written content and/or videos. This is not a live event, but does take place over a specific time frame so participants are all working on the same part of the project at generally the same time. Weave-along participants are encouraged to ask questions and engage with other members of the weave-along via email and social media sites including the Mirrix Facebook Page, Mirrix Facebook Group and Mirrix Ravelry Page

What skills will you learn in this weave-along?
-How to warp a Mirrix loom for bead weaving without the shedding device
-How to follow a bead pattern made on Beadographer software 
-How to weave beads without a shedding device
-One method of finishing a bead woven necklace

What do you need to begin: 
-A Mirrix Loom 8" or larger with an 18 dent coil
If you need a loom you can purchase The Meredith Necklace Loom Starter Package here
-A Weave-Along 33 Meredith Necklace Kit 
-A good pair of scissors
-A measuring tape 
-A beading needle like a Tulip Beading Needle 
-A bead mat or piece of cloth to hold your beads 

When does the weave-along take place?
March 6th - 27th, 2022

Week of March 6th: Warping
Week of March 13th: Weaving 
Week of March 20th: Finishing Weaving
Week of March 27th: Finishing

What if you cannot take part in March?
We will keep all of our weave-along resources live indefinitely so if you are busy during the weave-along you can always catch up later. We will also make the project available for free download after the weave-along takes place.

How do you get started?

The Weave-Along 33 Meredith Necklace Kit can be purchased here.
The Weave-Along 33 Meredith Necklace Kit and Loom Package can be purchased here.

You will receive a link to sign up for the weave-along and to access your one year subscription of Beadographer inside of the weave-along kit.