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The Meredith Necklace Kit (Pastel Edition) Loom Starter Package

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This project was part of our 33rd Weave-Along that has now ended. We have been unable to get some of the bead colors for this project, so we re-designed it in a stunning pastel colorway.

Downloadable instructions will be sent after shipment.

This 31-inch-long stunning necklace is made of 11/0 Delica beads woven in a long strip that attaches at the end and is hung with two gold-plated charms. The kit comes with everything you need to make the necklace and a one-year subscription to Beadographer. Our complete instructional ebook will guide you through warping, weaving and finishing this piece. The pattern for this project will be shared in Beadographer where you can edit it to change the colors, patterns or length for future projects.  

 What skills will you learn when making this project? 

  • How to warp a Mirrix loom for bead weaving without the shedding device
  • How to follow a bead pattern made by Beadographer
  • How to weave beads without a shedding device
  • One method of finishing a bead woven necklace 

Package includes:

  • A Meredith Necklace Kit (Pastel Edition)
  • A 12" Little Guy Loom without a shedding device (Loom includes: One 18 dent coil, two wooden clips, warping bar, warp coil/spring bar, written instructions.)
  • Loom Extenders (including feet extenders)

    These add 24″ of weaving length to the loom. 
    Extender length: 14 7/16”

What else you need to begin: