The Take-Your-Loom-Out-Of-The-Box Tapestry Bracelet

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Ready to take the leap and learn the basics of weaving tapestry?

This project is from Mirrix's 24th Weave-Along.The weave-along has now ended, but we will email you the instructions after you purchase the kit! 

This project is dedicated to those of you who are interested in weaving tapestry but a tad intimidated to jump right in. You will learn to make a beautiful silk tapestry bracelet. We will hold your hand through set-up and warping, basic tapestry techniques (slit tapestry, pick and pick and wavy lines) and finishing. After making this bracelet you'll be more confident with your loom and able to set off on your weaving journey with a sturdy foundation of tapestry knowledge. This project takes only a few hours to complete, so dive right in, we promise you that this will not be the last time you weave tapestry! 

Package Includes

  • Six twelve-yard bobbins of hand-painted silk (note: exact colors may vary)
  • A bobbin of C-Lon cord
  • A bobbin of C-Lon thread (size D)
  • A piece of ultra suede for backing (note: colors may vary)
  • 15/0 seed beads for embellishment
  • Two pewter buttons
  • Four O-rings

This kit comes with enough supplies to make two bracelets. 

What do I need with this kit? Any Mirrix Loom 5" or larger (not the Saffron Loom, unless the project is slightly modified) and a beading needle. No shedding device is required. 

Level: Beginner