Bottom Spring Kit and 14 Dent Coil

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The Bottom Spring Kit is a plastic tray for holding a spring (warp coil) at the bottom of the loom (like the one at the top of most Mirrix looms) with two attached brass acorn nuts for holding the spring (warp coil).

The Bottom Spring Kit is useful for keeping warp threads correctly aligned when putting on the first row of beads or for evenly spacing the warp for tapestry weaving. It is simply and easily attached with permanent 2-sided tape.

Bottom Spring Kits are perfect for:
-Weaving wide bead pieces (especially with the shedding device)
-Weaving wide tapestry pieces
-Small format tapestry (more than 18 DPI)

Comes with one 14 dent warp coil (matching the coil that comes with a 5" Mini Mirrix, 8" Loom or a 12" Loom without the shedding device.)