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Starting, Ending and Adding Threads for Bead Weaving

Starting, Ending and Adding Threads for Bead Weaving

How to start and end threads when bead weaving on a Mirrix Loom.

Starting your initial thread

In order to start a thread for bead weaving on a Mirrix Loom, tie the end around the threaded rod.and make a slip knot so it is easily removed. If you are right handed, tie the tail to the left threaded rod; if you are left handed, tie the tail to the right threaded rod. You will be sewing this end in later.

Pick up the required number of beads and sew them to the warp by sticking them in between and behind the warp threads. Push the beads to the top of the warp, and sew through thereby attaching them to the warp. A hint for weaving with a lot of beads: sew the beads on the warp in sections.

Once you have woven in the first row, tie the working end and the tail together.

Weave the next row. At this point you can weave the tail into the second row. 

Ending a thread 

To end your thread, tie the working end of your tread once around the selvedge warp.

Sew the working end of the thread into the beads in the row below. How many beads you sew into depends on the size of your piece. For a thin piece you might only be able to get one knot in. Bring the thread to the front of the piece.

Wrap the thread around the warp to the left of where it emerged. Stick your needle through the loop to make a knot.

Sew through some more beads.

Bring the thread to the front of the piece and trim.

Starting a new thread

Starting at the right (if you are right handed, or at the left if you are left handed) insert a new thread, leaving a four inch tail. Sew through some beads and then take the thread to the front of the piece, once again wrap around the next warp thread to make a knot.

Do this one more time if you have room and then sew to the left (or right) selvedge warp. You can trim the end any time you want. The thread that emerges from the left selvedge bead is now the working end.

Ending the first thread 

Before removing your piece from the loom, you'll need to weave in the thread you started with. 

Untie the knot around the threaded rod and tie a knot around the slevedge thread. The knot is necessary so you do not unweave this row.

Sew through some beads, tie around a warp, insert needle into next bead. Do this twice. When the thread reaches the right selvedge thread, trim.

  That's it! You can use this technique on any bead weaving.