Quick Gift: A Hand-Woven Scrunchie

The other day I was at a party where the topic of tweens and scrunchies came up. Scrunchies are back in style, that I knew, but apparently they're not just used for keeping hair back. Kids wear them on their wrists, sometimes stacked, and even match the colors with their clothing. If you have a middle schooler on your holiday list, or like me, you're totally digging the 80's nostalgia, making handwoven scrunchies is a super easy and fun project! 

Here's what to do:

Weave an even-weave strip of fabric using silk ribbon as warp and weft. You can even add in some beads if you want to! This one was woven at 9 dpi (the 18 dent coil warped every-other-dent). You want the weaving to be quite a bit longer than the diameter of your scrunchie, so there is enough fabric to "scrunch". 

When finished, tie off the ends and sew them under. 

Next, sew the strip into a tube. Insert a piece of elastic inside. Sew up the ends and the elastic tightly enough so the fabric scrunches around the elastic. 

That's all it takes! 

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