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The Whitney and Willa Wrap Bracelet Kit

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To purchase the kit with the $5 donation (more on this below), click the red arrow next to "Kit - Just The Kit" and select the donation option.

Named after one of our favorite mother and daughter pair, this lovely three wrap bracelet reminds us of their inner and outer beauty and love for one another. Dazzle your wrist and, we hope, a friend or daughter’s or mother’s wrist, with this simple yet elegant piece of unconditional love.

This project is perfect for beginners, but can be fun for bead weavers of any level. 

Kit Includes: 
-Cotton 1.0 mm cord (3 yards)
-One bobbin of C-Lon size D thread
-14-gram bead soup of between 8 and 10 colors of 11/0 Delica and Toho beads. Colors will vary. 
-One pewter button

Download the instructional ebook for the project here.

Kit will accommodate up to an 8” wrist.

Loom Requirement to Make Kit:
Any loom 8” or larger. We recommend an 8", 12" or 16" and a beading needle.
-No warp coil required

Need a loom, too? Get the Whitney & Willa Wrap Bracelet Loom Starter Package here.

Whitney, of the Whitney & Willa in this project's name, is currently battling Myasthenia Gravis. If you choose, you can pay $40 rather than $35 for this kit and we will donate that $5 directly to Whitney to help fight her illness. Visit her website, Unknown Etiology, where she hopes to shed light on the experiences of those living with chronic illnesses.