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The Sunny Bracelet Kit

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This beautiful bracelet is made with beads, gold-plated crystals and finished with a gorgeous beadslide clasp. 

The .PDF tutorial for this bracelet will be sent after shipment.

The Sunny Bracelet Kit includes:
-Four grams of 11/0 Delica Beads in a variety of gold plated and gold anodized finishes with a splattering of green and magenta beads
-Five grams of 2 mm gold-plated fire polish and round crystals
-One bobbin of C-Lon size D thread
-A 3/4" beadslide clasp 
-Around two grams of 15/0 beads in gold-plated, gold galvanized and a smattering of rose

This bracelet is named after a very special member of the team at Mirrix manufacturing: Sunny the dog. She was the guide dog of Everett, one of our floor managers. Sunny recently had to be retired as she was experiencing an auto-immune arthritis which made it impossible for her to serve as a guide dog.

Sunny and Everett

Everett says:

“After losing most of my sight in 2014, Sunny and I became a team in October 2018 at Guiding Eyes for the Blind located in Yorktown Heights, New York.

Sunny and I look forward to each new day we spend at Mirrix Looms, and appreciate the opportunity to make the best looms on the market! Did I mention that Mirrix is a fun company to work for?"

What else you need to make this bracelet:

-A Mirrix Loom (we recommend an 8" Lani Loom or 12" Little Guy Loomwith a shedding device. You will need a 14 dent coil, which comes with most Mirrix looms.

Note: This project can be done on a Mirrix without a shedding device, but the weave-along will teach you how to warp or weave on a Mirrix with a shedding device.

If you do not yet have a Mirrix loom, we recommend this loom package with an 8" or 12" Loom. Make sure to choose the package option WITH the shedding device. This package also comes with a Bottom Spring Kit with a 14 dent coil, which we recommend for this project. 

If you already have a Mirrix loom with a shedding device, any size will all work, although the larger looms are going to be a little clunky to weave a bracelet on and you will likely waste a lot of warp unless you have an Extra Warping Bar Kit or want to weave multiple bracelets on the same warp.) If you do decide to weave this bracelet on a larger loom, you may want to pick up some extra C-Lon thread for warp in case you run out.

If you already have a Mirrix loom but no shedding device, you can purchase a shedding device here. Be sure to choose the "no clips" option if your loom has large wooden clips already (which it should, unless you have a much older loom).

-A Bottom Spring Kit with a 14 dent warp coil. (This is not required, but highly recommended.) If you purchase the loom package recommended above, this comes with that package.)  

If you do not have a Bottom Spring Kit you can purchase one with a 14 dent coil (used in this project) here or this one with four warp coils that match the coils that come with any regular Mirrix loom with a shedding device here

If you have a Bottom Spring Kit but no 14 dent coil for it, you can purchase one here.

-Heddles You can purchase pre-made heddles or make your own. (These are used with the shedding device.)

-A beading needle (we love Tulip Bead Weaving Needles)

-A good pair of scissors (we love these Xuron Precision Micro-Tip Scissors and these Fiskars Softgrip Micro-Tip Scissors

-A bead mat (A piece of thick cloth also works to hold your beads) 

-A ruler or measuring tape

*If you're confused about what you need, email us and we can help you out!*