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The Marella Bracelet Kit

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The Marella Bracelet is a great project for those who have never woven beads before. It's a simple pattern to follow, but the embroidery done on the bracelet after it's removed from the loom makes it a show-stopper. 

This project is part of our Flying Start Tutorial Series

Downloadable instructions will be sent at time of shipment.

The kit includes:
-6 grams Matte Patina Iris 11/0 Beads 
-5 grams Turquoise  11/0 Beads
-2 grams Shiny Green 11/0  Beads 
-1 gram Metallic Dark Green Iris Cut 15/0 Beads
-24 2-hole Diamond shaped beads
-6 4mm Czech Fire Polished Brown Crystals
-C-lon thread
-1” gold bead slide
-A 14-page digital .PDF. 
-A bead pattern for this project 
-The email address of the tutorial creator so you can ask questions whenever you need.
This kit makes:
One bracelet 

What else you need to begin:
-A Chloe Pocket Loom with 16 dent comb and long (14 ½”) or extra long (20”) threaded rod or Mirrix Classic Series Looms; 8”, 12” or 16” with a 16 dent warp coil.
-A good pair of scissors
-A measuring tape
-A beading needle. We like this Tulip Beading Needle 
-A bead mat or piece of cloth to hold your beads

-A pair of needle nose pliers of similar tool