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The Diamond Tapestry Kit

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The Diamond Tapestry Kit was part of Mirrix's 36th Weave-Along. You will receive the weave-along instructions in .PDF form after purchasing this kit. 

This Diamond tapestry pattern has appeared in about ten of Mirrix President Claudia Chase’s tapestry weavings over the years. The concept is simple: you can build diamond and triangle shapes independently of one another without having to worry about what direction the individual wefts are going in. The concept is elegant and simple and easy to apply. We have provided a lovely assortment of Swedish Mattgarn, a worsted weight wool yarn that is full of body and rich colors. Since you can make at least two tapestries with the yarn included in this kit, you can play with the colors, using all or some for each piece. Enjoy the colors and the shapes as you explore the wonderful world of diamonds and triangles.

The kit includes:
-18 Bobbins of Mattgarn yarn (1/2 ounce each) (Some colors in the kit may vary slightly due to availability.) 
-1 Bobbin 12/6 seine twine  (100 yards) 
-1 Bamboo needle
-1 Five inch needle

This kit makes: At least two tapestries that are 5" x 11" or 5" x 8" if you are making this on a Chloe Pocket Loom or Saffron Pocket Loom without an extended rod. 

What else you need to begin: 
-Any Classic Series Mirrix Loom (except for the 5” Mini Mirrix) 22” or smaller with an 8 dent warp coil or a Chloe Pocket Loom (with an 8 dent comb and extended rod) or Saffron Pocket Loom with an long rod(If you don't have a long rod, you can make this piece but it will only be 8" long.) 
-A good pair of scissors and a measuring tape 
-A sewing needle and thread for finishing (not needed on a Chloe or Saffron Loom)
-Heddles can be purchased separately if you plan to use the shedding device on a loom that has one (optional for this project). We will not be demonstrating weaving on a loom with a shedding device on it. 
-A beater (or fork)

Need a loom?
Diamond Tapestry Kit Loom Starter Package can be purchased here.