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Tapestry Sampler Class

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In this foundation, beginner level class, artist Claudia Anne Chase will teach students the basics of tapestry weaving. From warping through finishing, students will learn essential tapestry weaving techniques and even "weft dance"! Learn how to weave a variety of shapes including a circle, triangles, chevrons, vertical stripes and freeform shapes. Plus, learn fundamental techniques including pick and pick, hatching, shading, dotting, weft interlock, warp interlock and slit tapestry. This is the class on which students will launch into the art of tapestry weaving. T

his class was originally made for and still has branding, but the company is no longer in business so we are able to bring you this class directly. You can view the class online (and download it directly from Vimeo).

Note: The .PDF is no longer available, just the video.

There are 5 parts.  

These are the colors of Waverly Yarn used for this sampler:

You will want 2 8-yard skeins of each color. 

Black: 1121
Green: 5051
Yellow: 4025
Light Yellow: 4005
Purple: 2081
Orange: 30644
Burnt Orange: 3083
Turquoise: 7091
Dark Orange: 3031
Magenta: 2002

A link to the class will be provided within 24 business hours of purchase.

The form of this class is a video featuring a series of images with a voiceover. This class cannot be purchased outside of the U.S. and Canada. Please contact us directly for more information.