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Six Pack of Bockens Seine Twine Bobbins

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Six 100-yard bobbin of 12/6 or 12/9 Bockens Seine Twine.

These bobbins are the perfect size to easily warp without having to wind off from a larger cone. On a Mirrix Loom, you don't need one long piece of warp to warp your loom, as you can tie on and off onto the warping bar at any time, so bobbins are super convenient. Check out this video to learn more. 

Seine Twine is made from long-staple, very high quality cotton (it was originally used to make nets so it had to be strong) and is basically unbreakable. 

12/6 Bockens Seine Twine will accommodate 5 to 16 ends per inch. 

12/9 Bockens Seine Twine will accommodate 6 to 12 ends per inch.

Color: Unbleached or Black
Amount: 600 yards total