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Mirrix Maintenance Kit

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Keep your Mirrix running smoothly for years to come with the Mirrix Maintenance Kit. Makes a great gift for any Mirrix enthusiast. Comes in adorable plastic box with a Mirrix sticker. 

The kit contains the following:

-Extra Loom Handle
-Flat Wrench
-Acorn Nut for end of Loom Handle 
-Plastic Screws for wooden clips (2)*See note
-Allen Wrench 
-Loom End Caps (4) 
-Shedding Device End Caps (2) 
-Small Plastic Washers (2)
-Brass Acorn Nut( 2) 
-Copper Polishing Scratch Pad
-Rubber Feet (2) 
-Vinyl Caps for Legs( 2) 
-Vinyl caps for copper (2)

All in a plastic box (color will vary).

*Replacement White Plastic Screws for Wooden Clips

There are two versions of these white plastic screws. In the drop-down menu choose the color of the metal screw visible from the top of your wooden clips (silver or gold) to select the correct version of the white plastic screws for your loom. If you are purchasing a loom today, choose GOLD