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Mini Scribble Wall-Hanging Kit

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A hint of a landscape, a hint whimsy, this tiny tapestry is filled with color and movement, just what you need to light up a special place on your wall or to share with someone you love. Once you've mastered the techniques you will want to make many, many more.

One 12-yard bobbin of black silk
Three 6-yard bobbins of multi-colored silk (whatever you get will be beautiful but not necessarily the exact colors in the ebook)
Cotton/poly warp (color may vary)
A piece of ultra-suede

Final piece is 2″ x 2″

Downloadable instructions will be sent at the time of shipment.

Note: You’ll need to provide your own ribbon, cord or string if you decide you want to hang your piece

What loom do I need for this kit? An 8″ Loom (with shedding device recommended) or larger. It requires a 12 dent warp coil. The 12 dent comes with any loom with a shedding device. (Note: You will need to buy or make heddles to make this kit with the shedding device.) You can also use a Chloe Pocket Loom with a 12 dent comb (no shedding device.) 

Level: Beginner plus (This kit is good for beginners, but we suggest warping and playing around a bit before starting this project. For tapestry, we recommend purchasing a book before getting started!)