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Individual Bobbins of Hand-Painted Silk: Color Forty-Two

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A decade ago Claudia Chase, Mirrix’s founder, decided to learn how to paint silk. Little did she know the epic journey that would take her on. Since then she has painted kilos and kilos of silk. She has modified her methods over time and upgraded her tools to make the silk painting dance seamless. One thing you will notice with this hand-painted silk is that the rich dye completely covers the silk. The hand-painted nature means that even bobbins from the same skein will not be identical. They will contain the same colors, just not always in the same place. 

This silk yarn is made of 3 plies of 35 Mulberry silk filaments (20-22 denier each) for a total of 105 silk filaments. Each bobbin holds 12 yards of silk. It is reeled silk which means the filaments are single strands that come out of the silk cocoon and then are plied. This produces the highest quality silk. It boasts lots of natural shine, smoothness, evenness and strength and does not pill at all. This silk is perfect for not only tapestry or weft-faced weaving but also needlepoint, cross stitch and embroidery. A single strand exactly covers an 18 count needlepoint canvas. Whether you are looking for an exciting pop of color or plan to use this silk exclusively, it will not disappoint. The great news is it is also colorfast as long as you do not leave it in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Whip out your loom, needlepoint canvas or a piece of cloth and start feeling the colors!

12-yard bobbin