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[Extra/Replacement] Wooden Clips

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Individually hand milled in the United States of beautiful hardwoods, these clips hold the warping bar when warping your loom and then hold the shedding device if you're using it. These clips may be used as an extra set or to replace your clips if you're using the older, black plastic clips and want to switch to the wooden ones. These clips are sold as a pair. 

This is how to put wooden clips on your loom:

Separate the top and the bottom halves of the loom (simply slide the top part off of the bottom part). Use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to pull the metal sleeves out of the loom's copper sidebars. Remove the old clips (if there were already wooden clips on the loom). Slide the new wooden clips onto the copper sidebars. Replace the metal sleeves into the copper sidebars. Put the two halves of the loom back together.