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Extra Shedding Device

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This is an extra shedding device for your Mirrix Loom for those of you who didn't buy one originally (For an 8" or 12" loom) or for those who want a second shedding device for your larger loom. Adding a second shedding device to your Mirrix will allow you to use techniques in your tapestry weaving such as twill weave, basket weave and tabby weave. These fancy and fun techniques will take your tapestry weaving to the next level.

You will receive the shedding device, a set of clips (if you need them), a handle, and an Allen wrench.

This product does not come with heddles. Extended heddles can be purchased here or you can make your own.

Do you need to buy your extra shedding device WITH or WITHOUT clips?

If you purchased a Mirrix Loom without a shedding device but have large clips on the loom (these have an indentation to place the shedding device), you can purchase the extra shedding device WITHOUT clips.

These are the large clips. If you already have these on your loom, you can purchase your extra shedding device WITHOUT clips.

If you purchased a Mirrix Loom without a shedding device but have small clips on your loom without a space for the shedding device, you will need to purchase the extra shedding device WITH clips. If you are purchasing the shedding device as an additional shedding device you will also need to buy the shedding device WITH clips.

Not sure? Email us and ask!

This is how to put wooden clips on your loom:

Separate the top and the bottom halves of the loom (simply slide the top part off of the bottom part). Use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to pull the metal sleeves out of the loom's copper sidebars. Remove the old clips (if there were already wooden clips on the loom). Slide the new wooden clips onto the copper sidebars. Replace the metal sleeves into the copper sidebars. Put the two halves of the loom back together.