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5" Mini Mirrix Loreli Loom

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Loom Specs:
Weaving Width: 2 1/2"
Weaving Length with Continuous Warping: 15" (factoring in warp waste)
Weaving Length with No Warp-Ends Kit: 7"
Loom Width: 5"
Weight: 1.6 lbs

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Loom Description:
The 5” Mini Mirrix Loreli Loom was designed specifically for bead weaving, but can be used for itsy-bitsy tapestries as well. This loom is tiny enough to take anywhere with you so you never have to be without a loom!

This loom comes standard with a No Warp-Ends Kit which allows you to make either a beaded piece or a tapestry with only two warp ends to weave in at the end. This solves that age-old problem of what to do with all those warp ends, especially when creating jewelry. You can also use the method in which a warping bar is used (continuous warping), giving you the advantage of being able to weave a longer piece since you can rotate your weaving to the back of the loom giving you additional weaving room. From the beach to the studio, this is a loom you will never leave home without.

Loom Materials: The top and bottom beams are made of anodized aluminum; the sidebars are made of steel and copper; the wooden clips are made of maple

Included: A warping bar, one 14 dent warp coil (spring), two yards of Texsolv cord, two thin bars and S-hooks for warping using the No Warp-Ends method, instructions 

Additional Information:
Positioning: Horizontal on a lap or table

Shedding Device: No. 

Available accessories: Bottom Spring KitsShasta Combs

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