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48" Lily Tapestry Loom - (Price is Deposit Only)

  • $700.00
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This loom is not eligible for any discounts.

Lily Looms are made to order so they usually take between 3 and 5 business days to ship. 

The $700 price shown here is the DEPOSIT only. A balance of $250 plus shipping costs will be due prior to shipping. The full cost of the loom will be $950 plus shipping. See the bottom of the page for more information on putting a deposit on this loom and on estimated shipping costs. Please read that section carefully. 

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Loom Specs:
Weaving Width: 45"
Weaving Length without Shedding Device: 85" with continuous warping 
Weaving Length with Shedding Device: 81" with continuous warping

Loom Width: 48"
Weight: 19.6 lbs

*Notes: The weaving lengths listed factor in warp waste. You can weave the "without the shedding device" weaving length with the shedding device if you use it and then remove at the very end and finish off the piece without it. 

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Loom Description:
We are thrilled to announce Mirrix's newest loom, the 48" Lily Loom. At 48" wide with a 45" weaving width and more than 6' of weaving length, this giant loom is perfect for anyone looking to make large tapestries but who doesn't have space (or the budget) for a floor loom. The Lily Loom has fold-out legs so it can be stored flat, making it the most portable large tapestry and rug loom that we know of. 

Loom Materials: The top and bottom beams are made of anodized aluminum; the sidebars are made of steel and copper; the wooden clips are made of maple

Four warp coils: 8 , 10, 12 and 14 dents (or, your choice of 4 different warp coils, see note below), shedding device with shed extenders and two extended shedding device handles (one for each side of the loom), two extended wooden clips, warping bar, flat wrench, Allen wrench, warp coil/spring bar and written instructions.

A Bottom Spring Kit as shown in pictures is not included with the loom but can be added on before the loom ships. We will put this on the loom for you if you purchase it then.

Additional Information:
What can you weave on this loom? Beads, Fiber, Beads and Fiber (although this loom was designed for tapestry weaving)

Positioning: Upright with two fold-out legs to stand on the floor

Shedding Device: Yes. Click here to learn more about the Mirrix shedding device.

If you plan on using the shedding device with this loom, you will want to buy or make heddles. (Note these are heddles for an extended shed.)

Available accessories: The Extra Warping Bar KitThe Electric Spencer Treadle (note: a shed extender block is needed with this loom), Add-On Bottom Beam, Extra Shedding Device, Bottom Spring Kit (if you purchase a Bottom Spring Kit with your Lily Loom we will install it for you before shipping) extra warp coils.

If you need help deciding which loom is best for your needs, click here to get a personalized loom recommendation. 

Click here to learn about what you need to get started weaving.

Warp Coils: If you would like warp coils other than the 8 , 10, 12 and 14 dent warp coils, we are happy to swap them out for you. Just let us know either by email after you order ( or under the "add note for seller" page at checkout. We can also swap out coils ordered with a Bottom Spring Kit. (For example, if you want  4, 5, 8 and 12 dent coils with your loom and purchase a Bottom Spring Kit with four warp coils (which normally comes with 8, 12, 14 and 18 dent warp coils) we can send you two of each of the 4, 5, 8, and 12 dent coils instead.) 

Order and Deposit Information

We require a $700 deposit to order a 48" Lily Loom. Lily Looms are made to order and take 1-3 weeks to ship. When your loom is ready to ship we will email you an invoice with your remaining balance ($250) plus the remainder of your shipping charges.  

To pay your deposit, click "add this product to your cart". Anything else added to your cart at the same time will be shipped with your loom. 

At checkout you will see a shipping cost. This is NOT the full shipping cost. The remainder of your shipping cost (exact shipping) will be charged when you pay your balance. (If your total shipping cost is $130 and you pay $45 shipping when you put down your deposit, we will charge you a total of $85 when you pay for your balance.) 

In the continental United States shipping prices are around $140 depending on where you are located. Please contact us with your address for a more exact estimate of the shipping cost if you need one. 

This loom is not eligible for any discounts. If you accidentally use a coupon code at checkout (sometimes this happens if you click a link that automatically applies a discount), we will resend a corrected invoice to you.