Wholesale Guide

Becoming a Mirrix Looms Retailer

There are two types of Mirrix Looms wholesale accounts.

It is important to us that our wholesalers (if a store, at least one person on staff) understand how to use the Mirrix Loom so that they can impart that knowledge to their customers. We do not give wholesale accounts to everyone who asks and we ask that each potential wholesaler to give us enough information about their store, show presence or teaching credentials so we can make a final informed decision about whether or not our partnership would be a good match.

Below you will find information about each type of account. Please email elena@mirrixlooms.com with the following information if you would like to become a wholesale dealer for our looms.

1.) Store or teacher name address, phone number and website 
2.) A blurb about your store or classes
3.) What you’d like to include in your first order

If we have not already established this beforehand, we will write to you to let you know your store has been accepted, put you into our database and invoice your first order!


To initiate your Mirrix Looms wholesale account you must buy three looms of any size or combination of sizes. After that, you can buy as few or as many as you’d like, but if one full calendar year goes by with no purchases your account may be deactivated. We also sell wholesale Mirrix Loom Accessories including the Mirrix Sitting/Standing Loom Stand, Spencer Power Treadle*, extra springs, heddles, Bottom Spring Kits, etc.

Your discount is 40% if you purchase for inventory (except for some items*) and 30% if you drop-ship an order.

Shipping is actual shipping plus a $5 - $7 handling charge depending on the size of your order. We mostly ship looms UPS. We also use FedEx Great Rates (they give up to an 80% discount on international orders if the order weighs more than 15 pounds), DHL, UPS International and the United States Post Office (which does have size limitations). We bundle looms as much as possible to decrease your shipping costs. 

We ask that you provide us with credit card information to have on file. Your first three orders require payment before being shipped. After that terms are 30 days for stock looms.

*The Mirrix Power Treadle, Shasta Combs, and Saffron Pocket Looms and accessories are always discounted by 30%.


Teachers with wholesale accounts get a 30% discount on wholesale-eligible items. We will drop-ship orders for you. To get this discount you must order at least two looms (not a drop-shipment) to start. 

Shipping is actual plus $5 to $7 handling charge depending on the size of the order. We mostly ship UPS unless it is cheaper to send via the United States Post Office or if you are an overseas account in which case we may also ship FedEx Great Rates, DHL or UPS International. We bundle looms as much as possible to decrease your shipping costs.

We ask that you provide us with credit card information to have on fileFor teacher wholesalers, we require payment via check before shipment.

What products can be ordered wholesale?

All looms, loom accessories, silk and gold thread can be ordered wholesale. Books, software, kits and all other products not made by us cannot be ordered wholesale. If you are not sure if a product we have on our website is sold wholesale, just ask.

Re-Establishing Active Dealership

Anyone with a wholesale account who has not ordered a loom for one full calendar year may be removed from our active wholesaler list. When this happens, you must order two looms for stock to re-establish your wholesale account.

Ordering Online Wholesale

First, choose what you want to order on our website as if you were about to place a retail order. Note that all prices listed will be retail prices. 

Click here to see all items that can be ordered wholesale and their discounted prices (discount may depend on the type of wholesale account you have). 

Then, go to your shopping cart. On that page you can note your P.O. and any other important information under where it says "Special instructions for seller". Go to https://www.mirrixlooms.com/cart (not the pop-out cart) to find this option. 

At checkout, choose "pay by check." If you are ordering for a drop-shipment, be sure to put the customer's address as the shipping address and yours as the billing address. 

Ignore any charges that you see (shipping or otherwise). 

After we receive your order, we will send you an invoice with your regular discounts and charges and you can pay as you normally would.

This automates the wholesale ordering process and make it easier for all our wholesale customers. 

Please remember, only looms, loom accessories, replacement parts and silk are available wholesale. 


We prefer wholesale payments be made by check to Mirrix Tapestry & Bead Looms LLC. and sent to 1097 Bible Hill Rd. Francestown, NH 03043. 

If you would prefer to pay by credit card, please let us know. There will be an extra 3.5% fee domestically and a 4.5% fee internationally. 

Wholesale Resources
Price List (with different discounts listed)