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Soumak Tapestry: Weaving & Finishing (Part Two)

We are going to do some dotting now. I've chosen yellow for my dot because it's in stark contrast to the blue. In order to make dots really pop you want to choose a color that is in stark contrast to the base color. Start by taking your needle behind warp four. I just randomly choose to put it there because I wanted to impress upon you that you can really begin a weft anywhere.

Then wrap around that warp going from right to left behind it. Take your needle to the front between that warp and the one to its left.

Make two dots.

Pick up the purple weft and bring it behind the piece and move it over a few warps to bring it to the front near the middle of the piece. 

Take your needle one warp to the left, wrap around the warp and bring your needle to the front around the warp to the right of it.

Continue knotting until you get to the right selvedge.

Bring back the yellow and make another knot.

This is how a single yellow dot looks.

You now know the rules. You have learned: how to start and end a weft, how to start and end dots and how to cover one weft with another. Start playing with the other colors in the kit. I will show you my piece in a more advanced state. You can see here I've added a pink weft and a green dot. You know how to do it. You can start anywhere. The rules are so simple. And, one thing I should mention now: notice that your selvedge warp threads are perfectly aligned with the other warp threads. The edges of this piece will be straight as an arrow because there is no chance of pulling in.

I have inserted a few more colors. Just keep playing with your colors and inserting new ones, pick up old ones and make those dots. I hope you are having fun. I have to admit, I love knotting. It's so relaxing and the chance for error so slim. 

We are ready to put on the final touches.

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