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Soumak Tapestry: Weaving & Finishing (Part Three)

Piece before the final row of soumak:

Once your piece is four inches long you are ready to weave a row of soumak using the warp thread. Tie the end of the warp thread to the left warp. Knot a row of soumak to the right selvedge warp thread.

Remove the piece from the loom. by trimming the bottom warps as close to either the teeth of the comb or the warp bar as possible. 

Place your piece face down and trim the weft ends to about an inch. 

You will notice that your piece turns in slightly as the selvedges. This is time to introduce your iron. Take an iron to it. And while you are at it, iron down the weft ends to get them under control.

Next fold over the top warps leaving two warps not turned down. Take the iron to that and then sew them down. The two looped warps will serve to hang the piece. Trim the two threads from the final soumak so that they are the same length as the other warp threads.

Next unravel the bottom warp threads.

And you are done. Wasn't that both fun and easy. I hope you will continue to use Soumak knotting in future pieces. You can use it alone or in combination with tapestry techniques. 

You're finished! 

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