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Weave-along 25: The Rosalie Bracelet part 2

I hope you've enjoyed weaving the Rosalie Bracelet. You are now ready to remove your piece from the loom If you have not already. 

To remove your bracelet from the loom, reduce the tension by turning the wing nuts clockwise. Remove the warping bar. Your piece will be free!

You will need to sew in the tail of the weft thread. First thread it into a needle.

Tie a knot at the edge. 

 Sew through a few beads.

Tie a knot around the warp thread.

Sew through to the edge and trim.

Trim the loops off the warp ends.


Put tension on the end of your piece and tie overhand knots. Stick a needle in the knot to push it toward the piece. 

Tie warp pairs together with an overhand knot.

Stick a needle in the knot and push the knot to the end of the weaving.


Trim the warp ends to 1/4 of an inch.

Sew in the weft thread on the other end.

You will want to open up the slit slightly in order to easily slip in your piece. Do this with a pair of pliers.

Fold over the tab on one side of the clasp.

Slide the clasp onto the end of the bracelet.

Stick the end of a scissor or a plier to stuff the end knot into the clasp.

Bend down the other tab.

Use your pliers to tighten the clasp on the bracelet.

Determine the correct direction to insert the other side of the clasp.

Use your plier to make the slit in the clasp bigger.

Slide on the other piece of the clasp.

Congratulations, you're finished! 

Remember, we encourage you to make this a community event by asking and answering questions, posting pictures of your progress and commenting on others' work on our Mirrix Facebook PageMirrix Facebook Group and Mirrix Ravelry Page

We can't wait to see your final pieces!