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Using The Spencer Power Treadle

Congratulations on purchasing a Mirrix Spencer Power Treadle. This treadle will make weaving on your Mirrix Loom faster and easier. 

Included with The Treadle:
The Mirrix Spencer Power Treadle consists of four connected assemblies: the motor, the pedal switch, the control box and the power supply.

Getting Started:
You can download instructions, troubleshooting information and safety warnings for the power treadle here.

Additional Notes:

If your treadle was purchased before July 20th, 2022, you will need these instructions instead.

To use this treadle you need Mirrix’s newer wooden clips on your loom, not the much older plastic clips. 

If you will be using your treadle with any loom with an extended shed (any loom with Shed Extenders, including the 48" Lily Loom), we recommend purchasing this Treadle + Shed Extender Block