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Trial Wholesale Account

Looms are expensive pieces of equipment. We get that. And that's why, for a limited time, Mirrix Looms is offering trial wholesale accounts to a restricted number of stores. Instead of having to buy three looms,  trial-wholesalers only need to buy one and will get a 30% discount plus a FREE online class from Mirrix Looms that will help to familiarize you with our products and all they can do. 

From our smallest 5" Mini Mirrix to our largest 38" Zeus Loom, Mirrix Looms offers professional quality bead and tapestry looms for every level and every crafter. These versatile looms can weave beads and fiber in a variety of ways and are great for the artist or crafter who can't just stick to one thing! 

If your store is interested in learning more about this program, please email Elena ( with your store name and we will get back to you with more information about this great program! 

We are offering a limited number of these trial wholesale accounts. Please contact us ASAP if you want one!