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Trial Teacher Wholesale Account

If you're here, you teach tapestry/weft faced or bead weaving and might be interested in selling Mirrix Looms to your students. We know that you care deeply about your students and their weaving experience and want to make sure they have the best weaving supplies available. Maybe you already own a Mirrix Loom, have tried a friend's or are waiting to get your hands on one. Perhaps you're ready to dive in and start supplying your students with their very own Mirrix Looms. Maybe you're not quite ready. Either way, we want to offer you a no-strings-attached way to get started with a 30% discount on any size Mirrix Loom. Use this loom to experiment with yourself, demonstrate on or sell to a student. If you decide you want to become a full-fledged Mirrix Teacher Wholesaler, you will get a 30% discount on all looms and loom accessories* you purchase and we will post your information on our website for customers and potential customers to find.

What does a 30% discount look like? If you sell a 22" Zach Loom, you'll make $105. If you sell four 16" Big Sister Looms for a workshop, you'll make $348. Selling a set of Shasta Combs for the 12" Loom will make you a quick $15. 

We find our teacher dealers are more successful than many physical stores that sell our products because a teacher can help teach a student how to use the loom and can show them how to be successful. 

*20% on the Spencer Power Treadle. Loom accessories include items found here.

Why a Mirrix?
You want the best for your students. A Mirrix is the highest-quality bead and tapestry loom available and it's perfect for beginners and professionals alike. It offers flexibility with various sizes and accessories and will be there for you and your students for a lifetime of weaving enjoyment. 

Who Qualifies?
Teachers of tapestry/weft faced or bead weaving who are actively teaching. 

How do I get started?
Email with the following information and the email subject "Trial Teacher Wholesale Account." If you qualify, we will send you a discount code that can be used once for 30% off of any loom. 

  • Full Name 
  • Location
  • The type of teaching you do (e.g. tapestry workshops, regular bead weaving classes, weaving classes at events.) 
  • A link to a recent class you taught or an upcoming class you are teaching (or information about a recent class you taught or an upcoming class you are teaching.)

We are offering a limited number of these trial wholesale accounts. Please contact us ASAP if you want one!