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The Take-Your-Loom-Out-Of-The-Box Bracelet (Part Three)


Let’s get that bracelet on your (or someone else’s) wrist!


Time to remove your piece from the loom. Release the tension on the loom by turning the wing nuts clockwise.

Pull the warping bar out. This will release your piece and it will fall to the table but because it is fiber, the landing will be soft.


Weight the end of your piece in preparation for tying off the warp threads. I used the foot of my loom. A rock or book would also do.

Trim the loops off the end of the warp threads.

Tie the first leg of a square knot with the two side warp threads on the left. Get the knot close to the edge of the piece.

Next tie an overhand knot where you make a loop with the pair of threads and then stick the tail through it. Stick a needle in that loop and push the knot toward the base of the weaving. This needle trick allows you to place that knot exactly where you want.

The knot below is just right!

Do the same with the warp pairs on the right side.

Tie off all the internal warp threads. Because there are an odd number of warp threads, one of the internal pairs will actually have to consist of three warp threads.

Trim the warp threads leaving a third to a half inch of tails.

Tie off the warp threads on the other end of the piece.

Trim the weft ends on the back of the piece. You want them to be about a third to half an inch long.


Place the piece on the ultra-suede in order to measure the size you will have to cut the ultra-suede to.

Draw a line leaving about an eight of an inch on either side. You don’t want the ultra-suede to overlap the woven piece too much. You need just enough of an edge so that you can successfully sew the two pieces together.

Ultra-suede ready to be cut.

Trim away.

Thread a sewing needle with the C-Lon thread (the thinner thread).

Fold over one end of the piece so that the warp ends can be buried. Sew down this hem. Do the same for the other end.


Here is the piece sewn together at all selvedges.


Next you need to cover the O-ring with Silk. Tie the silk to the O-ring, leaving a bit of a tail. You will then be working half-hitches over that tail in order to secure it.

This is your first half-hitch created by going around the o-ring and then passing through itself. Pull tightly to set it in place.

Keep making half-hitches. Remember to keep covering the silk tail.

When you’ve completely covered the O-ring, sew the working end into previous stitches. Tie a knot and the continue through some more previous stitches.

Secure a new piece of C-Lon thread to your piece so you can start sewing the 15/0 beads around the piece.

Pick up three beads with your needle.

Sew the beads around the edge of the piece.

Continue sewing three beads at a time around the entire piece except for one end of the piece where you will be attaching the O-ring. Once you attach the O-ring you will sew those beads.

Thread the small tapestry needle. We included this needle with the kit. If you don’t have the kit, the needle with the largest eye in your sewing kit will work. With the tail of the O-ring and start sewing the O-ring to the end of the piece. Keep sewing through the piece and around the O-ring to make it really stable.

Tie a knot when you are ready to finish the thread. Sew it through a few stitches on the o-ring and trim the end.

You will return to this side later to sew beads around the O-ring.

The last step is to sew on the button. Wrap the piece around your wrist and see where you should place the button to fit your wrist correctly. The O-ring is pretty stretchy giving you some room to play with. You can even put the button at the very edge of your piece or move it up the piece to make it tighter.

Attach a piece of C-Lon thread so that it is in the center of the piece from side to side.

Pick up about ten beads. These beads will get sewn through the button. Sew down through the piece and then back up through the beads.

Take the thread through the beads a total of three ties. Then end the thread.

On the other end of the piece embellish with beads.



Thank you all so much for taking part!