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Mirrix's Digital 25th Birthday Card

Mirrix's Digital 25th Birthday Card

Fill out the form below to wish Mirrix Looms and happy 25th birthday. We will post select messages here! Everyone who writes a message will get $10 towards any order of $100 or more on this month. 

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Happy 25th to an amazing company. I absolutely love my looms and appreciate the service I always get. Here’s to many more! -Alan B. 

Happy birthday, Mirrix!! Congratulations, Claudia and Elena! We are celebrating this wonderful accomplishment with you! -Leah


Best wishes for a marvelous 25th! Cheers! -Linda F.


Happy Birthday! So glad you created Mirrix Looms and the on-line groups that inspire me daily! -Bette M.


I waited 24 years to get a Mirrix. Why, oh why?! I got one last year for my birthday and it is one of the very best tools I own. Thank you, Mirrix!! -Mina D.


Happy 25th anniversary to a great company with an awesome product and great service. -Bob


May your loom always be warped and you weft always in motion! Happy birthday and thank goodness for my Mirrix! -Maureen K. 


Happy Birthday and thank you! I love my Little Guy loom! -Mary-Ann D. 


Have a Happy Weaverly Birthday on your 25th!! -Deb A.


My birthday is the 4th, so I will celebrate your birthday today too! Wishing you all the best Birthday❣️ -Bonnie V. 


Happy Birthday dear Mirrix! I remember when you were born and watched you grow into a fabulous company and community! Congratulations and look forward to the next 25! <3 <3 -Joni P 


25 years ago the start of a loom company was born! MIRRIX looks have grown and multiplied in these years! 🎈🎈🎈HAPPY 🎂 BIRTHDAY 🥳🎈🎂❤️ -Julie P.


Happy Birthday 🎉 -Lisa M. 


Happy birthday Mirrix! I hope someday to have one of my own! -Jenifer 


Love the looms and love the story of how it all started -Andrea


Thank you so much for your wonderful products and fabulous customer support in answering questions! -Jeanne B.


Here’s hoping for another 25. Happy Birthday. -Michal P


Happy 25th birthday Mirrix Looms! Your Good luck for many more years to come. -Lynette D. 


Congratulations on a milestone birthday of your successful business. Here’s to many more! -Karla J.


Happy Birthday and congratulations! After years of wishing, I finally spoiled myself with one of your looms- they are Amazing!! -Jennifer H. 


Happy birthday Mirrix! So glad you came to be 25 years ago so I can weave with you now! -Cherie M


Happy Birthday and Congrats! You should be so proud! 🎂🎈🎉 Weave on! -Elaine K. 


Happy 25th Birthday, Mirrix. Thanks for inspiring me to weave more! -Karen 


Best wishes for a Happy 25th Birthday and many, many more❣️ -Kim W.


Congrats on 25 years of inspiring people with your function AND beautiful looms!! -Christine C. 


Happy birthday to a great woman owned company. -Joe W. 


Happy Birthday! Many happy returns! -Robin W. 


I am soooo glad you designed these looms 25 years ago! Way to be an empowered woman! It's been a wonderful thing for so many people! Happy Creation Day! -Marla S. 


Wishing you a most wonderful Mirrix birthday! Thank you for providing me with 3 awesome looms. Wishing Mirrix al the best in the next 25 years. -Jacqui 


Happy Birthday Mirrix Looms! Claudia is an inspiration and it’s so cool Elena joined the company! -Randi S. 


Super birthday wishes for a grand 25th year!!! -Patricia K. 


Happy Birthday! It’s been a great quarter century. -Beverly M. 


Happy 25th Birthday, Mirrix Looms! Here's to another 25! -Mary P. 


Happy Birthday Mirrix! I’ve been with you almost from the start and you have no idea how you’ve helped me develop creatively over the years. Thank you so much for all you offer from your products, your fun weave alongs and your wonderful customer service. Claudia and Elena have led this company in such a personal way not often seen. Enjoy your birthday and here’s to many more years of business and friendship! - Deb B. 


Happy birthday, mirrix. And congratulations to Claudia and Elana on your success and wonderful products. Here’s to wishing you continued success far into the future. -Kantu M. 


Happy 25th, Mirrix! May you continue to weave lives together with your products! -Lu F. 


Happy 25th Birthday! So glad you took a leap of faith; your looms are the best! -Patty H. 


Wishing you 25 more! -Susan C. 


Happy Birthday! I am so pleased with my Mirrix looms and products! Keep doing what you are doing! -Danielle H. 


Happy, happy birthday!!! Great looms  -Deborah B. 


Best wishes for your 25th Birthday, Mirrix ~ may you enjoy many, many more. -Sheila F. 


Happy Birthday, Mirrix Looms! I love Zach and Little Guy! -Lynn H. 


Happy Birthday and many more!!!   -Pam H. 


Congratulations on this momentous occasion!! -Cheri


Celebrate bringing creativity and not to weaver's and headers for 25 years!   -Debra B.


Happy happy birthday Mirrix 💖💖💖   -Manuel P. 


Happy Birthday Mirrix looms may have 25 more - Deborah W.


Happy birthday Mirrix, love your looms, thank you. -Carolyn P.


Happy birthday Mirrix Looms! xXx  -Katrina L. 


Happy 25th birthday! -Diane C.


Happy Birthday! Wishing you many more! -Robbin H.


I resisted buying a Mirrix until I tried one at a workshop, now I have one of each size (almost)! Claudia, you inspire us on many levels, weaver💖, creator, working Mom, business owner. Elena follows in your steps. Congratulations to you both. -Linda R. 

Very best wishes on this anniversary and many more! -Val S. 

Happy Birthday!  -Deborah K.

Happy Birthday Mirrix!!! You have made so many people happy over the years! -Patrice W.

Happy birthday Mirrix, here is to many more years. -Laura A.


I have so enjoyed using your looms and kits. Happy 25 th. -Victoria M.


Happy Birthday! What a great company! Here's to many more years of helping people create amazing things with the amazing things you created! -Denise M.


Cheers, best wishes for the next 25 years! -Beth P.


Happy birthday -Amy S.


Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your 25 years! You are very appreciated! -Kirstin S.


Happy Birthday! Thank you for 25 inspiring years! -William A.


Happy Birthday, Mirrix. Wishing you another marvelous 25 years! -Margot G.


Happy Birthday! -Lynette G.


I hope that you have at least another 25 years of bringing joy and quality looms to a grateful public! -Christine Z.


Happy Birthday!!! 25 years of Inspiration and Wonderful Products! -Peggi H.


Happy Birthday  -Fran F.


I am so happy to have found Mirrix! A very Happy Birthday. -Rebekah J.


Happy Birthday! I am celebrating by weaving on the Little Guy loom I bought in 1998! -Nan S.


Enjoy your next revolution around the sun Mirrix Looms! It’s great to know you are standing by for all the creative fibre artists around the world :) 🇧🇧🌴😎 -Renata G.


Happy 25 years!!!!! I enjoy my Mirrix looms every day, and I’m glad you became a wonderful business to bring tapestry to all of us. -Alex P.


Happy birthday! Glad you’re still here after all this time. Newbies need fabulous looms too. -Lisa R.


Happy 25th Birthday! -Kazuko S.


Happy birthday hope everything is going good -Tammy K.


We wish you a wonderful birthday. With such a lovely new facility, it should be a fabulous year for you -Connie K.


Happy birthday 🎂 -Eileen


How wonderful that you could share what you made with others so that we can all enjoy weaving even more! It is a great achievement for a small business in a niche market to be so successful. Here is wishing you a wonderful future too! -Noelle M.


CONGRATS !!!! Gratitude for your talent. Thank you for sharing. -Daria G.


Happy Birthday and Congratulations. I love your looms and have four of them. -Susan S.


Happy Birthday! I am very impressed with your looms, your whole business, and how you both just seem like honest to goodness down to Earth, genuine, good people when you address your customers. -Wendy P.


Happy birthday Mirrix!! I love my Mirrix Loom and I am so glad I found out about it. I hope there are more lovely things in store for you!! -Cindy T.


Happy Birthday to Mirrix Looms. So great to see a woman owned company surviving and thriving. Keep going!  -Ann D.


Happiest of birthdays to the inventors of the best step forward in weaving in modern times. I am in love with my beautiful little 12 inch Mirrix and will never use a loom without tension again for my mini-tapestries. And thank you for your customer service and all the help you offer online. There are few companies that are as approachable and responsive as you are. -Laurie E.


25 years?! What an incredible accomplishment! -Abby S.


Happy 25th birthday, what a wonderful accomplishment! -Sandra W.


Happy birthday, Mirrix! I am so glad I found you. You helped sustain me during this pandemic, and I can’t wait to be able to make bigger and badder tapestries on your looms! -Patti D.


Happy Birthday Mirrix! Here's to another 25 years! -Roxane C.


So glad you came into the market with your wonderful looms! Happy Birthday, cheers to your successes, and wishing you many more successful years ahead! -Barbara B.


Wishing the Mirrix crew many happy returns of the day! Now that I've retired from teaching, I'm looking forward to the "weave-alongs". -Tamaar


Happy birthday Mirrix Looms! You have brought so much joy to me for so many years! My first look was the 16.” Then I wanted the 12”, followed by an 8”. Along came the Shasta loom and, of course, I had to have one for myself! I love your kits a d patterns! The quality of the Mirrix Loom drew me in. I know my looms will be something I will be proud to pass on to my granddaughters when the time comes. Thank you for maintaining the quality that first drew me in. Here’s to many more years!!! Happy Birthday! -Delores


Happy Birthday Mirrix Looms you are a joy to know. You and all the people who work for you are incite full, so many ways to use our looms and easy directions. Every thing you have to offer is another advantage to being a weaver. -Shirley B.


Wishing Mirrix Looms a fabulous 25th Birthday and many more years of success!! -Terri B.


Happy Birthday Mirrix! Here's to another 25 years! -Roxane C. 


Happy birthday, Mirrix! I am so glad I found you. You helped sustain me during this pandemic, and I can’t wait to be able to make bigger and badder tapestries on your looms! -Patti D.


Happy 25th birthday, what a wonderful accomplishment! -Sandra W.


25 years?! What an incredible accomplishment! -Abby S. 


Happy Birthday! -Deborah K. 


25 years young! Here's to 25 more. -Michele F. 


Happy birthday! So happy to celebrate with you! -Andrea L. 


Delighted to discover Mirrix looms via Rebecca Mezoff's Little Loom course. Congratulations on 25 years in business! -Michele R. 


So happy for you! Your looms are outstanding and have brought so many of us many hours of creations. I have five of your looms--love them, and will be getting one of your larger ones soon. What would we have missed if you had not followed your dreams! -Judith R. 


Happy birthday, Mirrix! Hoping for many more quarters of a century!!! -Yoko F. 


With my Saffron, my Zeus; my weaving retirement is golden! -Lloyd P. 


Happy Birthday! It's my birthday too! (there's a song for this) So glad I finally looked into your site. -Kim N. 


Happy birthday- Kim L. 


Happy #25 and wishing many more! -Susan C. 


Happy Birthday and many more -Jan C. 


Happy Birthday! It is a beautiful story about a woman identifying a problem, developing a solution so perfect, it becomes the start of a company still going after 25 years. Wishing you 25 more! -Gail 


Birthday wishes to Mirrix Looms for your 25th. -Eunice Y. 


Happy 25th birthday. May you be supplying marrix looms for the next 25 years and beyond -Vi F. 


Happy Birthday, Mirrix family! You have revolutionized tapestry weaving! -Jennifer B. 


We share our birthday month and my birthday wish was a Mirrix loom. Looking forward to many more July’s to celebrate together. -Tamraa G. 


Happy Birthday! I'm so glad I found your looms. They're beautiful. Here's to many more creative years. -Jennifer W. 


Happy a birthday! Keep creating to help us create! -Dayna


Happy birthday Mirrix! So glad I discovered your wonderful looms. Thank you for doing all you do! Here’s to 25+ more years!! 🥂🎂🎉 -Jerilyn C.


You’ve done a great job! -Carol A.


Happy 25th Birthday To Mirrix Looms! Love my saffron and little guy looms they are so quick to setup and get straight to the creating. Keep up the wonderful work Claudia and Elena! -Darlene R. 


May your company be just as successful in the next 25 years as it is today. Happy Birthday!! -Charleene


Happy 25th Birthday to all of you at Mirrix. I just purchased my first Mirrix loom this week and can't wait to try it out. I've heard about you looms for years and have finally taken the leap. I am so happy that your looms are so popular with all of my tapestry weaving friends. I look forward to a life-long relationship with your company. That Spencer Treadle is looking like the frosting on the cake to me! Again, I do hope all of you have a wonderful, well-deserved, birthday celebration. - Elaine P. 


Happy 25th! I am so happy that you brought the Mirrix loom to all of us who live fiber! I can’t wait to see what you bring to us next. -Sherry H.


Happy 25th Birthday. Wishing you many more years. -Andrea B.


Happy Birthday, Mirrix Looms and family -Amy R. 


Happy Birthday Mirrix Family! -Joslyn W.


Best wishes Mirrix- thank you for giving us the tools to make weavings that make so many people happy! -PY W.