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Holly Wrap Bracelet Kit


The Holly Wrap Bracelet Kit contains enough 4 mm stones, 2 mm leather cord, C-Lon very fine cord, two flex needles and a TierraCast button to make one bracelet. There are enough beads to make a four or five wrap bracelet. We have left a rather long tail of leather. In order to maximize adjustment for this bracelet you can create three button holes using this extra leather. 

Photo of leather end of bracelet.

Therefore you have room for lots of adjustment. And a three wrap bracelet on you might be a four wrap bracelet on another. 

The weft thread we used is thicker than beading thread. We have included have roundish holes that you can thread with this thicker thread. Make sure the end of your thread is not frayed when trying to thread the needle.

Supplies you will need:

A Mirrix Loom size eight inches to 16 inches. You do not need a shedding device.

A good pair of scissors is always a useful tool to have. We suggest these two:

A bead map helps the stones to not roll all over the place.

To warp your loom

I have made a five wrap bracelet by leaving a fairly long leather tail. I did this so it is very adjustable and might serve as a three wrap bracelet for one person and a five wrap  bracelet for someone with tiny wrists. I love the fact that it is so adjustable by leaving three button holes in the leather which take up about half a wrist length. If you want fewer wraps, measure your leather cord appropriately. 

Set the height of your loom so that you can use your entire length of leather cord for warp. This will give you the maximum amount of adjustment for your bracelet and will provide either three or four wraps depending on your wrist size. I have a six inch wrist. When using the entire length of the cord I am able to get four wraps with half of the last wrap being just leather cord.. 

Measure your wrist. In order to do a three wrap you need to multiply that number by three and add three inches. To do a four warp, multiply that number by four and add four inches. The end of the cord without beads counts as part of a wrap. As you weave measure your piece to see where you wills to weaving beads. 

Take the included leather cord and thread the two ends through the button if there are two holes and thread through the loop on the button if there is only a loop (in our case, we are using a button with a loop. Tie an overhand knot and push it close to the back of the button.  Wrap the cord around your loom. Tie  two knots at the opposite end of the button thereby making a slot through which to button your button. Adjust your loom so that you can use the entire length of cord if need be. The piece with the button comes down from the top of the loom. Stick the button through the hole.

You will start weaving above the button. Thread a comfortable length of thread (no more than four feet . . . you will have to replace it at least once). 

Leave a five inch tail of weft thread. 

Weave the stones in the traditional way you would weave beads. Tie the end of your weft end to the left side of the loom in you are right handed and the left side of the loom if you are left handed. Thread a stone, put it under and between the two lengths of leather cord. For the first few rows the stones will want to sit on top of the warp. After a few passes they all settle down. Sew through the top of the stone so that it attaches it to the leather cord. Take the end of the weft thread and tie it to the working end of the weft thread. After you've woven four or five stones, thread the end of the weft thread and weave it back through the beads tying knots as you go along. When you've come through the last bead, trim the end.

Continue weaving. In order to bring your working area back into a comfortable position, turn the being nuts counter-clockwise in order to release the tension. Pull down on your piece so it goes to the back of the loom and the working area is nearer the bottom of thee loom.

At some point you will have to end your weft thread and add a new one. To end your weft thread, sew through the bead below and tie a knot around the leather. Weave through the next bead and to the same. Do this four or five times. To start at weft thread, weave the new weft through the third bead down. I am am weaving mine from left to right so that when I end up at the top bead my thread is on the left, which is the correct position for someone with a dominant right hand. 


I have used my entire length of cord and have woven until there was about five inches of leather cord left over. On my six inch wrist this makes five wraps. 

To remove the bracelet, loosen the tension on the loom and undo the button. Tie an overhand knot in the cord snug up to the last bead. Determine how many other button holes you need. I think three is a good number as it allows for a variety of wrist sizes. 

Wear and enjoy or give it to your best friend, male or female!