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The Happy 24th Birthday Guest Book

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Email us ( with your own guest book entry wishing Mirrix a happy 24th birthday!

We'll publish select entries here. 

"I’m happy to have included you in my journey of tapestry. As a proud papa of 4 looms not too mention mounds of Claudia's hand painted silk I want to wish you all a very Happy Birthday."
-Joe Wigon
I started eyeing Mirrix looms years ago, before I could afford one. So glad you are still here now that I can have more than one.
Long live Mirrixlooms!
-Jacqueline Johnson
Happy Birthday Mirrix! You have certainly proven to me that quality tools make a huge difference in the joy of my weaving experience. Also, you have reminded me how important it is to have your dollars support communities! Thank you for all that you do!
Happy Birthday Mirrix. Thank you for helping me create things I never thought possible.
-Terry Hanson
Happy 24th Birthday, Mirrix Looms! I remember when you were an infant. Look how much you've grown!
-Christine Oliver
Happy Birthday Mirrix! Thank you for making such great looms! Your customer service is outstanding and I am loving my Big Sister loom. Here’s to many more years!
Love you guys!
-Mary Walker
Happy 24th Birthday Mirrix! I can’t believe it has been that long since I first caught a glimps of that funny ’new’ loom. Your looms have started me on a new adventure that I continue to enjoy and learn new and expressive techniques. Keep up the good work and I am sure there will be around to celebrate many more birthdays.
Just waiting for the delivery today (22/7/20) of my Little Guy how appropriate. He is joining his Big Sister, Lani and Saffron 😳🤭🤗 Thank you and Happy Birthday for making such wonderful looms and inspiring me to weave.
Happy Birthday!
-Jennifer Cowan

Many happy weaving returns for your 24th Birthday!🎂🎉🎈
-Bev Madere

-Dawn Marie Klüg

Happy Birthday to Mirrix! Many more years of making wonderful looms!
-Tina Clark

Happy Birthday to a great company with great people!
-Donna Hostetter
Well done Claudia and Elena
-Ann Myers
Have a creative and happy birthday to everyone at Mirrix!
-Laura McCants Reddick- Reichert
Happy Birthday 🎈🎊🎂
-Karen Keefer
Happy Birthday to everyone at Mirrix - you give everyone reason to celebrate every time we open a package from you!!
-Paulette Morrissey
Happy Birthday, Mirrix!!! You make weaving fun!!! Thanks!!!
-Susi Jensen Rolf-Tooley
Happy b’day wonderful Mirrix!
-Maeve Caplin

Happy 24th birthday to Mirrix, a great enterprise and creators of amazing looms!
-Lucia Hernandez 
Your looms have helped me discover and nurture creativity within my self I didn’t know was there. Here’s to a bright future ahead. Love and a smile to you.
-Gail Ivan
Thank you so much for opening up the creative side of me. Love the looms and ribbons.
Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your many looms and accessories which provide so much support as a person grows in their weaving! Thanks for what you do. 🎉
-B. Gus
I just bought a Mirrix loom this year to add to my collection (I have a 60" Gobelin loom, two floor looms (4 and 8 harness) and copper pipe loom and tiny frame looms). So far I love the Mirrix for workin on smaller colored warps! Happy Birthday!
-Karen LeBlanc
You keep us all weaving! All the best for a successful future!
Happiest of Birthdays to a great co. who builds the BEST Tapestry Looms!
-Deb Santolla
Congratulations on your 24th birthday. My Mirrix loom has been a wonderful resource in Lockdown, and though we are moving back towards something more like normal here in Scotland, it will continue to be a great resource in the future. Thank you to all at Mirrix.
-From the Revd David Warnes
Thank you for your good products and your service to the community. America needs more companies like you.................................
Happy Birthday wishes to you. You are the same age as my youngest son. !996 was a good year!! I discovered you about a year ago and "stepped my toes in" with a pocket loom purchase. Just getting started and enjoying it soooo much. Need to figure out which loom I will move to next.
Put some candles on a cake and enjoy!
-Karen Ginsberg
Happy Birthday to everyone at Mirrix,
Congratulations on the continued success of your splendid product line. I have 4 of your looms which stay busy between my own or my students tapestries. I purchased my first Mirrix 22 years ago after a lovely drive to your home in New Hampshire.
I hope you and your families are well. Wishing you continued success.
Peace and love✌️,
-Doreen Trudel
I absolutely love my Lani loom! I love it's looks, it's portability, and I love weaving on it! I love it so much, I bought one for my daughter, too!
Happy birthday!
-Kelly Fort
Congratulations on 24 years and here’s wishing you a great next 24 years.
-Marney Kincaid
Happy Birthday to Mirrix looms and all the staff. You are ever present and always helpful. I received my first Mirrix Loom last Christmas. Thank goodness I have this wonderful loom to enter the zen state of weaving during this pandemic!
Best wishes,
-Judy Maloney
Happy 24th Anni-birth-sary!
-Mary Severine
Happy Birthday, Mirrix. It has been great getting to know you, your owners and your staff. Best of getting to the the extremely well put together product. Thank you for making Mirrix.
Happy Birthday Mirrix. You are the best & I wish you many more years in business as you are so valued by all weavers who were smart enough to purchase a loom from you.
-Irene Baumgartner

Thank you for a wonderful loom. I currently own 4. Love And use each of them. When weaving on my larger mirrix i alway keep my 8 inch next to me to sample and problem solve on as i go.
-Peace and fleece, maggie
So happy for you! 24 years and counting! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you have many, many more birthdays!
-Judi Leatherberry 
Happy Birthday Mirrix! From the moment I saw you in someone’s studio out East many many years ago, it was love at first sight. Thank you so much for helping me create over the years combining fibers, beads, metal and wire. Getting to know Claudia has been an inspiration And support system as well! Wow! The unbelievable hand dyed yarns keep me going’s well as the classes and weavealongs.
Here’s to many many more years of creativity !
-Love, Deb Bednarek
Happy Birthday Mirrix! I don’t know what I would do without you. 😘
Happy Birthday, MIRRIX! I have been weaving for fifty years, and can honestly say that your looms are the best I have ever used! I have a Zeus, and the new Saffron, and now use them in tandem on projects. I appreciate so much of what you do: your vast resources, your community, and especially your employment of special needs adults in the manufacture of your products. As a retired teacher, I truly appreciate and applaud you for that. Here's wishing you all the best now and in the years to come.
-Lloyd Pollack
Happy Birthday to the makers of the most
"potato chip" of looms. Saffron, Lani, and Big Sister need a bigger brother soon! Thank you for making weaving fun again!
Jennifer B.