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Alternative Supplies for Mother's Day Weave-Along

-A picture frame with twenty nails set evenly over two inches (10 nails per inch). The frame should be at least 14" tall.
-A Mirrix Loom without a shedding device 
-A Saffron Pocket Loom WITH a longer rod
-A Mirrix Loom without 10 dent warp coil 
If you do not have a 10 dent coil, you can use a 20 dent coil warped every other dent or an 8 dent coil. If you use the 8 dent coil, you'll need to manually adjust your sett to accommodate the beads. 
-A Mirrix Loom larger than the 22" Zach Loom 
A larger Mirrix will work for this project, but you may need to purchase more warp (the bead cord.

If using a loom without a shedding device, the set-up and weaving process will be slightly different in that you will needle weave (over and under your warp threads) both the beads and fiber in this piece. 

Listed first are our kit materials, in brackets are alternatives.
-1" wide brass cuff
-A bobbin of C-Lon thread (Any strong beading thread will work) 
-A tube of C-Lon cord (Any strong fine-weight beading cord will work) 
-A piece of ultra-suede (Another fabric would work here) 
-10 grams of 8/0 beads
-10 grams of 11/0 beads
-6 12-yard skeins of hand-painted silk yarn (Embroidery floss would also work)
-5 yards of novelty railroad yarn (Other novelty yarns would be fun to include) 
-One tube of E-600 glue (Another strong craft glue would work) 
-A bobbin of 75 yards of gold thread 
-40 2 mm fire-polished crystals