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Texsolv Heddles for Mirrix Extended Shed

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100 Texsolv heddles for a Mirrix loom with an extended shed (NOT a regular Mirrix Loom with a regular shedding device.) 

*If you have a Mirrix Loom without an extended shedding device (learn more about  shed extenders here) you will want to purchase regular Mirrix heddles NOT these.*

Although these heddles connect to the shedding device exactly the same way the original Mirrix heddles are, they look slightly different. The original Mirrix heddles are basically one big loop. The extended heddles have three holes because they were originally designed to work on floor looms. Just like with the original Mirrix heddles, first cut the small loops on either side of the heddle (so they look like the picture on this page). To put them on, hook one end of the heddle to the shed bar on the shedding device, loop the entire heddle around the warp thread and then hook the other end of the heddle to the same bar. 

How to figure out how many heddles you need

Left, regular heddle. Right, extended shed heddle.
Both are put on the loom in the same way.