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The Saffron Loom plus Accessories Package

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Looking for a Saffron Loom with all the bells and whistles? This package comes with a loom, an extra rod to allow you to weave a piece up to 12" long, a shed comb and an adorable stand.

Grab yourself some warp and weft and you're ready to weave! 

This package makes a fantastic gift.  

This package will come with:

-One Saffron Loom
-One longer rod for the Saffron Pocket Loom
-One shed comb for the Saffron Pocket Loom (now made of millable plastic)
-One Sandy Stand for the Saffron Pocket Loom

Find Sandy Stand Set-Up Instructions Here

If your Saffron Loom was purchased before July of 2020 please measure the bottom beam of the loom from the front  of the loom to the back of the loom and if it is less than 35 mm please email us and let us know after you order. If that is the case, we will include shims in your order to make sure your loom fits correctly in the stand. (Simply remove the sticker backings on the shims and stick one to the back of each wooden block.)