Double Shedding Device Loom Package

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This package comes with a Mirrix Loom plus an extra shedding device, a pair of wooden clips and a handle. This will turn a regular 2-shaft Mirrix into a 4-shaft loom, allowing you to weave twill, basket weave and more!

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Package Includes:

-Your choice of a loom (with shedding device) size 16″ to 38″ (Including everything that comes with the loom if purchased individually.) 
-An extra shedding device (with clips) for the loom

This is how to put the second pair of wooden clips on your loom:

Separate the top and the bottom parts of the loom (just slide the top part off of the bottom part). Older looms will have a bushing in the bottom of the copper tube with a flange at the bottom. Using a pair of flat nose pliers remove the bushing. Newer looms will have a bushing without a flange, so they do not need to be removed because the clips can slide off the copper tubes without doing so. In either case, slide off the old clips if you are replacing them and/or slide new clips onto the copper bars. Replace the bushing if it was removed. Put the two halves of the loom back together.