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The Viki Beaded Credit Card Case Loom Starter Package

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This loom starter package is over 15% off for a limited time. 

This kit includes all the materials to create a gorgeous, functional beaded credit card holder. If you have never woven beads before this will be an excellent introduction but a fun project for bead weavers of every skill level. One of the lovely things about this project is that we discovered a way to secure the warp threads without having to tie them off or sew them back in. It requires ultra-suede and some glue and is a game changer.

This little pouch can hold a few cards and a few bills and fits in a pocket, purse or the palm of your hand. 

The package includes:
-An 8" Lani Loom without a shedding device (and everything that comes with it) 
-A Viki Beaded Credit Card Case Kit
-A pack of Tulip Beading Needles 
-A Tulip Beading Needle Assortment Pack 

The kit includes:
-11/0 Delicas in black and a variety of golds with gold, green and pink hues. 
-15/0 seed beads in a variety of golds 
-C-Lon beading thread size D
-A piece of utrasuede
-A small tube of E600 glue 
-A 15-page digital .PDF detailing how to make this project and focusing on the technique wedge weave. The .PDF will be emailed to you after you order. This is part of our new Flying Start Tutorial Series
-A bead pattern for this project 
-The email address of the tutorial creator (Claudia Chase) so you can ask questions whenever you need.

The kit makes:
One 3 3/4" x 2 5/8" beaded credit card case

What else you need to begin:
-A good pair of scissors
-A measuring tape
-A bead mat or piece of cloth to hold your beads