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The Holly Bracelet Kit

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If you’re looking for a fun, easy and colorful bead weaving project, the Holly Bracelet Kit is just what you need! This bracelet is named after one of our wonderful floor managers at Mirrix manufacturing, Holly, without whom we would be lost.

This project combines leather, C-Lon Cord, chunky stone beads and a stunning button to create a beaded wrap bracelet that you’ll want to wear every single day. 

This Kit Includes:
-Approximately 25 grams of 4mm stone beads
-A seven-foot length of dyed leather (exact colors will vary based on availability)
-A brass or silver or gold plated button (exact type will vary)
-A tube of C-Lon Micro Cord(colors may vary based on availability)
-Two Flex Wire needles 

A full-color .PDF instructional ebook tutorial for this project will be sent after shipment.

What else do you need to weave this piece?

-An 8" Lani Loom12" Little Guy Loom or 16" Big Sister Loom 

-A good pair of scissors (we love these Xuron Precision Micro-Tip Scissors)
-A bead mat
-A ruler or measuring tape